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Remote Workforce Technology Solutions

A collection of proven business technology services and support to empower your transition to a secure & productive virtual office

Get just the right mix of technology & support for your unique team

Allowing your employees to work from home comes with a whole new set of IT challenges. Especially since you want everyone to have a good experience and be safe from cyber-threats. We partner with best-in-class US providers to deliver coordinated collections of services to ensure your team can be productive and work securely - from anywhere!

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop/DaaS/VDI

All of the applications and shortcuts your team needs, securely available from anywhere, on any device. Easily provision and de-provision access and meet compliance requirements.

MS Office 365 cloud.png

Microsoft Office 365

As a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we have helped countless organizations leverage the power and functionality of Office 365 and Azure.

Cloud Hosted VOIP & Unified Communications

Unchain your phone system from the office. Add your business lines to every computer and cell phone for complete work mobility. Use your work number for text messages, and gain the insights of powerful analytics.

VPN to Main Office

If required resources are onsite, we can help set up a secure encrypted connection from any home or remote network to any on-premise applications, files, or computers needed by your users.


Internet Service (ISP) Upgrades & Backups

We partner with local providers of business Internet service like CenturyLink and Comcast so you can get the bandwidth and reliability you need to meet your business goals at the lowest possible price point.

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Managed Security for Home Computers

Allowing workers to use their home computers introduces a host of new risks. Mitigate them with bundled anti-malware, system updates, and email filtering, all managed and supported by certified IT pros.

What do Our Customers Say about Us?

"...experienced in everything from Servers to Software, Cyber Security down to the basics of computers. They are very responsive and great to work with! Highly recommend them for any of your IT needs!"

-Carla, IT Applications Manager, JHL Constructors

"I highly recommend Zen Technology Solutions. They have been our saving grace...amazing!! Very knowledgeable and helpful."

-Diane, Office Manager, EJ Painting & Fiberglass

What Makes us Different?

Our approach is to help our clients drive down their total IT-related risk and cost over time. This makes perfect sense to us but runs counter to the industry standard of pushing to ratchet up their customer's total IT spending over time. As such, you may notice that we do things a little differently:

  • Appropriate: We recommend only right-sized technology solutions that make sense for each unique client.

  • Secure: Our products, services, and internal processes are designed and supported by certified cybersecurity experts.

  • Flexible: We give you access to certified technical experts when you need them, but avoid making you pay for them to sit around or invent work when you don't.

  • Local: We're a privately owned Colorado company so we don't have to worry about shareholders or venture capitalists getting in the way of our client relationships.

  • Responsive: We start work on urgent issues within 30 minutes, and standard tech support requests within 24 hours.

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