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EMAIL/365 Security Compliance, Consulting & Support


A Microsoft 365 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Partner with Certified Office 365 Technical Specialists On-Demand

Fully Managed, Compliance-Based IT Security, Support & Administration for Microsoft 365/Office 365 for Businesses

Best Practice Assessments

Ongoing reviews of email environment threat protection policies and alignment to best practice recommendations. We perform regular assessments that are designed to keep up with ever evolving standards & practices

Real-Time Auditing

Receive alerts when unwanted or potentially malicious changes occur to your cloud email server security policies or user account permissions. Also monitors for relevant disruptions in cloud email services.

Compliance Reporting

Regular in-depth reporting from our auditing software that demonstrates compliance for your email accounts, administrative access, sensitive data transmission, and security policies are meeting compliance requirements.

Domain DNS Record and Spoofing Monitor

Track compliance of your critical email related DNS records in real time. Improve domain reputation and deliverability so more of your sent messages go to inboxes instead of 'junk' folders. Tracks and blocks malicious email servers that are not authorized to send on your behalf.​

Professional Administration & Support

All services are configured, managed, and supported by by our Colorado IT team, but the actual 365 licenses can either be your own or you can obtain them through our Microsoft CSP partnership

Dark Web Monitoring

Detects if your organization's account credentials have been compromised by scanning dark Internet data sources to detect references to your organization's domain names or IP addresses.

Advanced Threat Filtering w Detection & Response/MDR

Reduce phishing, spam, scams, and malicious threats including ransomware coming in from links and attachments; our cloud-based service utilizes machine learning to converge on known threats faster than built-in protections.

Email & Data Backups to Searchable Online Archive

Preserve all Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace cloud account data into a secure searchable cloud backup archive for compliance, legal discovery, or just to restore lost messages or cloud data.

Safeguard business-critical information from data exfiltration and exposure. Comply with Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Exchange Act") and regulatory requirements under HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, FERPA, FedRAMP, CMMC, DFARS, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, PCI, and others. Enterprise Archive is designed with the features, security and performance to meet standards required for regulatory compliance and discovery readiness.

What do our clients have to say?

They are experienced in everything from Servers to Software, Cyber Security down to the basics of computers. They are very responsive and great to work with!

Carla, JHL Constructors

Resources Available for Download: Datasheets, Case Studies, Whitepapers, etc.

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