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NETWORK Management, Set up, Security & Support

Professionally managed internal/LAN network infrastructure with threat detection/response, compliant administration and fast IT support when needed




WiFi APs



Internal/LAN Network Consulting & Manage Services

Business-Grade Network Devices, Professionally Installed and Configured

Your own custom mix of Ubiquiti Unifi network devices - yours or ours - designed to meet the security & performance goals of your facility, complete with expert installation and best practice configuration, as well as ongoing support with threat detection & response by certified cyber-security experts. Protect all of your connected devices from the growing number of cyber-threats; your best defense is a properly configured, professionally managed and monitored, business-grade firewall appliance to block connections to known threats and suspicious network behavior along with coordinated downstream devices with backups and patch management for all.

Ongoing Network Device Administration, Management and On-Demand Support

We make sure your network infrastructure configurations are regularly backed up and that devices don't become vulnerable to attack because they've fallen behind on important security updates. Critical events and alerts won't go missed or neglected which can otherwise result in network security and performance issues that can become a drag on productivity and expose your data and communications to threats from bad actors. Our services include best practice configuration, along with regular backups, patch management, and compliant access controls so our client networks are fast, safe, and compliant with regulatory standards.

​​Central Management Apps with Real-Time Network Analysis and Reporting

Fully managed by our team or co-managed by you and/or your select team members who can have secure access to a central cloud dashboard and phone app to gain real-time visibility into your organization's network, including connected endpoints and traffic types, plus get alerts for security detections and performance issues, as well as in-depth analysis and utilization statistics. We ensure all admin accounts and access is secure and compliant so you can see what's happening on your own network from anywhere, or you can let our team manage and monitor everything so you and your team can focus on core functions.

Built-In Network Security with Threat Detection & Alert Response

Our team of certified network security experts will continuously monitor for and investigate alerts to possible threats and potential performance issues. Beyond that, they will regularly audit your network configurations to ensure everything remains in compliance with evolving security standards and industry best practice recommendations.

What do our clients have to say?

They are experienced in everything from Servers to Software, Cyber Security down to the basics of computers. They are very responsive and great to work with!

Carla, JHL Constructors

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