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Application Layer Security Gateways - aka Firewalls

for Cloud or On-Premise Network Security

Zen Technology Solutions is proud to have partnered with Sonicwall and Ubiquiti to provide the critical border protection layer of cyber-security defense for your small business networks and web applications.


As anyone who have looked into it knows, you can spend about as much or as little as you want on network firewalls and related services and, based on our experience, Sonicwall and Ubiquiti have the products and services that, especially when combined with our expert configuration and ongoing 24/7 monitoring and support, strike the right balance of robust security services and value for small and medium Colorado businesses.


Here's a quick glance of some of our favorite features (further details and resources available for download below):

• Patent-pending real-time deep memory inspection technology

• Patented reassembly-free deep packet inspection technology

• TLS/SSL decryption and inspection

• High availability/clustering

• DDoS/DoS attack protection

• WAN load balancing and failover

• Intra-zone Intrusion Prevention Service (IDS/IPS)

• Secure SD-WAN, plus client and site to site VPN

• Botnet command and control (CnC) detection and blocking

• Zero-day protection

• Gateway anti-malware

• Bi-directional raw TCP inspection

• Inside/outside content filtering

• Anti-evasion technology

Experienced and Certified Firewall Expertise

As a Sonicwall Partner and Certified Sonicwall Security Professional (CSSP), we have the ability to both sell the firewall hardware and/or subscription licensing, as well as a execute a project to set it all up and configure it securely for you.


Beyond even that, we also offer fully managed firewall subscriptions whereby we provide all of the above, as well as ongoing real-time monitoring and any required support all for a low monthly fee. 


Available as a standalone managed service, or as an add-on to our Cloud Armor service. We're happy to provide free recommendations and associated estimates for the needs of your office:

Resources Available for Download: Datasheets, Case Studies, Whitepapers, etc.

Sonic OS Platform Datasheet:

Advanced Gateway Security:

TZ Series Datasheet:

Web Application Firewall (WAF):

Advanced Threats:

Securing Small Business - eBook:

Healthcare Security Brief:

Why Web App Security:


Coordinated Security:


Ransomware Threat:

Decrypt & Inspect:

Why Retail Needs Real-Time:

Firewall Implementation

A Comprehensive Solution:

The Distributed Enterprise:

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