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IT Consulting and Project Management

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When the time comes to upgrade your network, refresh your aging workstations, or migrate your email to the cloud, you're going to want to talk to the most highly certified and experienced technology consultants you can find.

 Optimize your Mix of Network Technology by Balancing Performance, Price, and Reliability

There are few business decisions that can more greatly affect your risk exposure and future productivity than those you make regarding your next IT infrastructure upgrade, migration, or digital transformation.


Our engineers have been at this a long time and are frequently able to identify potential performance bottlenecks, overlooked single points of failure, and/or security vulnerabilities that can otherwise result in unexpected downtime, unplanned recovery costs, as well as reduced productivity that can plague an organization for years.

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A few of our Favorite Technologies that we either Resell or Support:

*A non-exhaustive List - Contact us to discuss your current technology mix and needs


    -Windows Server '08-2019 and all R2s,

       -Active Directory Domain Services,

       -Hyper-v, IIS, RDS, DNS, File Server, etc.

    -Exchange Online, Office 365, Sharepoint, SQL

    -Microsoft Azure; cloud servers, Active Directory (AD)

 -Dell Workstations, Laptops and Poweredge Servers

 -HPE Workstations, Laptops and Proliant Servers

 -Firewalls-Sonicwall, Ubiquiti, Watchguard, Fortinet, etc.

-Switches - Ubiquiti, Cisco, Dell, HPE, Linksys, etc.

Hosted Cloud Infrastructure:

   -AWS, Google, Azure, Rackspace, HostGator

-Microsoft Office 365 - Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.

-G-Suite - Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, etc.

-Zoho - et al, Quickbooks, Ajera, Dropbox, Evernote

-Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Oprah, etc.

-AutoDesk AutoCAD, Civil 3D, etc.,

-Printers, Scanners and Multi-Function Copiers

-Wifi - Ubiquiti, Apple, Cisco, Ruckus, Linksys, etc.

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Our team can help your team make sense of the available range of options and the trade-offs involved when it comes to migrating off of your aging network and server infrastructure:

  • Is a cloud platform right for your workflows and workloads?

  • Perhaps a hybrid solution with select services in the cloud and others onsite?

  • What's the best upgrade path for each server, service, and application?

  • Will you need new SQL or licensing, with or without user CALs? 

  • Will upgrades to one system create issues or bottlenecks with existing infrastructure?

  • Does it make sense to utilize your old equipment for disaster recovery?

    • Perhaps if they were upgraded in a certain way?

The right Knowledge and Experience at the right Time can all the Difference

Our Denver-Based consultants have vast experience helping small businesses solve all manner of IT-related problems, as well as for providing strategic guidance filling the roles of c-level consulting - Chief Information Officer (CIO/vCIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO/vCTO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO/vCISO) - but on a part-time, "fractional" or as-needed basis.

Our approach is to recommend solutions that minimize your risk and total cost of technology ownership year over year, while maximizing the returns you realize from those investments by ensuring your firewalls, switches, Windows servers, cloud networks and workstations are configured per recommended best practices and ease of administration.


Common, Current and Upcoming IT Projects


While we'll continue to be available to assist with firewall, server and network infrastructure upgrades and migrations that don't involve Windows Server '08, through 2020, a primary focus of our projects department is going to be on helping clients identify and migrate away from Microsoft technologies that are still widely used and are approaching end-of-life support. Namely, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and '08 R2, as well as Exchange Server 2010 and SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2. 

If you aren't already aware, after January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer be releasing patches or updates to address security, stability or drivers issues for problems that are discovered on Win 7, Server '08/'08R2, or Exchange 2010. Of greatest concern should be the security vulnerabilities that will leave gaping holes in your defenses that will eventually allow any bad actor who can get inside your network to pretty much own your digital world - not good.

For those who are still running SQL Server 2008 and/or 2008 R2, you have a little less time as Microsoft is ending extended support for that software on July 9, 2019.

Of course, much of the firmware and middleware on machines that these operating systems reside on has already been retired in much the same way and should already be a concern to many. 

So in the face of all of this planned obsolescence, make your plans to migrate your critical systems and services off of these operating systems and databases that are about to fall out support. Many of our clients will be taking advantage of advances in hardware and software that can provide orders of magnitude better performance and resiliency to realize major productivity gains and minimize risk of downtime. Others are aggressively leveraging the flexibility of cloud services like Microsoft Azure and 365 Exchange online with or without Office 365. Either way, our team of experienced and certified engineers are ready to help.

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