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Mobile Device Management/MDM with Expert Set-up, Security & Tech Support

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Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM/EDM) with Threat Detection & Response (MDR/TDR/EDR), and our Denver-based team of experts to handle the configuration, deployment & tech support for company owned or BYOD smartphones, tablets & Chromebooks: Android, iPhone/iOS, Chrome OS

MDM & Managed Mobile Security Features

Hosted MDM & Mobile Security Servers in Cloud

Fully managed by our team of experts to ensure your services are available, protected and compliant with best practice standards. Includes central cloud dashboards for asset management, pushing global or granular policy changes, enterprise device reports and more

Business IT Help Desk for On-Demand Tech Support

Fast access to our team of mobile IT experts for white-glove assistance with all manner of phone and tablet issues. Don't let email, mobile app or network connection issues slow your team down. *Help with 3rd party applications and device hardware will be logged and billed in 5 minute increments.

Provisioning with User Set up & Data Migration

Hassle-free mobile device registration support including user profile configuration with email account and network connection(s), as well as support for migrating data from a backup or previous device

Managed Mobile Security with Threat Detection & Response/EDR

Our Colorado-Based mobile security experts will configure, deploy and manage your device security services, as well as monitor and respond to threat and vulnerability detections - so you don't have to. With threats to your teams work accounts hinging on protecting their device-based multi-factor-authentication checks, securing corporate phones and tablets has become a must and one best left to cyber-security professionals with automated services

Enterprise Mobile Device Management - MDM

-Remote lock/wipe/reset -Web content filtering -Application mgmt -Update mgmt -Geo-tracking -Location history -Geofencing -Reporting automatically delivered to your inbox

Enterprise Mobile Security App Powered by Bitdefender

-App anomaly detection -Advanced malware scanner -Account privacy auditing -Vulnerability alerts -Data encryption -App reputation -Web protection -Anti-theft -App lock

What do our clients have to say?

They are experienced in everything from Servers to Software, Cyber Security down to the basics of computers. They are very responsive and great to work with!

Carla, JHL Constructors

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