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Network & Endpoint Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Tools for Business Workstations & Servers


What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?

At the end of the day, good RMM software pays for itself many times over every time it saves your company from unnecessary security risk and downtime.


It does this by automating proactive administration and reactive support tasks for computer systems. The benefits of a secure, easy-to-use, cloud based, real-time Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system for efficient administration of networks and computers cannot easily be overstated; some tasks can literally take a million times longer without it.


RMM software agents serve to provide real-time reporting and alerting of consequential system events, including - and perhaps most importantly - our your anti-malware service and critical security update status', as well as automated system configuration management and policy control - even when users are working away from the main office:


Monitoring and Alerting for Anti-Malware Protection and Patch Levels

Quickly being recognized as a critical cyber-security layer, our RMM is configured to monitor crucial services and policies within our Webroot AV installations, as well as notify of missing security updates.


Auditing and Reporting

Regularly scheduled best practice audits to ensure systems continue to meet baseline configurations, as well as a web portal so you can view system history, run reports and more.


Patch Management and Maintenance

Managed updates and proactive diagnostic scans - scheduled whenever it's most convenient for you - no more forced reboots to apply updates before you're ready.


Ticketing, Asset Tracking and Change Management

Keep a running inventory of your technology assets and network documentation secure in the cloud. Also, maintain a record of support utilization as well as changes to your systems over time.


Alerts and Intelligent Automations

24/7 notifications of consequential system events and configuration problems; we can be alerted to a problem and quickly implement a back-end fix before your team even knows they have an issue!


Remote Support and Administration

Unlock the ability - for our team or yours, or both - to set policy and solve problems remotely, efficiently, even globally when needed - often without even interrupting your end user.


We can deploy RMM tools on your network for as little as $5/mo per system, and then, optionally, help you monitor and support those systems 24/7

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