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Business Tech Support for Outages & Urgent Requests

24/7 - Network outage, malware cleanup, firewall failure, server rescue, data recovery, etc.


If you need immediate network IT service or computer technical support for your Colorado small or medium office, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

For the fastest response, call us at 720-547-1819 and let us know you need emergency service. You'll be asked to provide some basic information and an all-hands alert will go to qualified technicians.

Step 2:

 One of our senior IT engineers will call you back - typically in 30 minutes or less - and gather more detailed information regarding the scope of your issue and establish a plan of action.

Step 3: 

Our technician can help you find the payment portal where you can review the terms and purchase a block of consulting time.

Step 4:

We will proceed to work the plan to remediate the issue as quickly as possible, drawing on additional resources, acquiring hardware and/or meeting you onsite as necessary. We will keep you updated of any required plan changes throughout the process, until your issue is fully resolved.

Step 5:

After resolution, we will provide you with root cause analysis and detailed notes on steps taken, as well as any recommendations to help minimize the risk of a similar incident in the future.

*be aware that, unless you have a current subscription with us, emergency support time is billed at 1.5 times the normal rate during business hours (8-5 m-f) and double time for after-hours and weekend work. Not that big of emergency? Ok, please contact us or schedule an evaluation from the options below:

Information technology scenarios we commonly see requiring quick response and typically involving:

          -You suspect that your network or systems have been infected with malware or you know you have a computer virus problem.


          -Outages and connectivity issues between modem/router/firewall and the office internet/WAN service provider, preventing access to the internet and/or your remote or cloud services.


         -Hardware related issues with Dell PowerEdge or HP Proliant servers running Windows Server or acting as virtualization hosts running VMware or Hyper-v.

                    -Server is completely unresponsive or displays a hardware error (often disk or power supply related) during start-up but is no longer under warranty, or you would like help engaging Dell or HPE support.

                    -Server completes POST (power on self-test), but the operating system fails to boot, hangs/freezes, or otherwise locks up.

                   -The operating system loads but the server does not respond to input from mouse or keyboard.

        -Host server boots but vms are missing or guest server virtual disks have disappeared or are otherwise not visible to the guest virtual machine, and with that, network fiber channel or iSCSI storage arrays (SAN/NAS) are offline or otherwise not connecting to host servers.

        -A server or its resources/services are not visible on the network.

        -Network shared file or file system corruption or accidental change/move/delete

        -Files have been encrypted by a ransomware attack.

        -Servers have been infected with malware.

        -Servers are running so slowly that it's greatly affecting productivity.

        -SQL server is missing or is otherwise not visible to the SQL application/client over the network.

        -Active Directory corruption, domain controller offline or synchronization issues preventing users from logging on.

        -Incorrect DNS settings causing IP address name resolution lookup failures.

        -Conflicting DHCP servers.

        -External DNS (Domain Name System) issues causing email delivery, web site or web server failures.

        -Internal DNS issues causing network service, server or printer connectivity problems.

        -IP address conflicts causing intermittent connectivity, or devices that only work after rebooting one or more times.

        -Switch and network cabling failures causing network outages.

        -Firewall failures or accidental configuration changes causing office-wide internet service outages or web server service availability problems when users attempt to connect from remote networks.

       -On premise Exchange Server or Microsoft 365 online services connectivity or email delivery issues - frequently following a migration attempt.

       -Critical line-of-business application failures and no maintenance with the software vendor - or would like expert help working with the software vendor to affect repairs.

       -Web server is down

       -Your internet is not working but your ISP (CenturyLink, Comcast, etc.) insists the problem is not on their end.

The list goes on of course, but that should give you a good sense of the kinds of issues we're used to helping Colorado area businesses with. 

Again, for the fastest possible resolution for your Colorado business, call us at 720-547-1819

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