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Comprehensive and compliant IT protection & support services for 1 user's business email plus all of their work devices:


    • User profile set up/migration support with work email account on every work computer/mobile device
      • 1 free upgrade setup/migration per year after initial onboading
    • Unlimited tech support & patch management for device operating systems, common web browsers, Microsoft/work email apps, and network connectivity
      • 3rd party application installation & support available as needed for an additional fee.
      • All U.S. (Colorado) based tech support
    • Managed enterprise security with threat response for every work device
      • Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
    • Remote Desktop (RDP) access from any remote device to user's primary work computer,
    • Cloud backups for 1 work computer system disk
      • virtual desktop restore feature for system disks under 1.5TB
    • Full protection & support functionality over any onsite or remote networks
    • Email and cloud account backups/archives for 365 or Google Workspace accounts
    • Threat filtering and real-time auditing for Microsoft 365 accounts
    • Impersonation protections
    • Dark-web monitoring
    • Automatic monthly asset health & compliance reporting sent to your inbox



    Use your own 365 licenses and computers or shop our store:

          *note, this plan already includes everything you see in both our Managed Computer/Server and our Microsoft 365 Compliance service plan store offerings, plus a whole lot more.




        *RMM software requires either Windows 7/10/11/Server 2003+, Linux, or Mac OSx (contact us to confirm the latest detailed requirements and recommendations)

        **Not all features & services are available for Mac and Linux operating systems; contact us for details

    ***Billed monthly with an annual commitment

    Zen MSP Complete IT User Security & Support Plan

    $200.00 Regular Price
    $125.00Sale Price
    Price Options
    Annual Commitment
    Billed monthly with annual commitment
    $125.00every month until canceled
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