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The Hardware

    Dell Desktop PC Computer Hardware with the following specifications or better, depending on your desired performance options:

         Basic - Intel Core i5 CPU; 8GB RAM; 256GB Solid State Drive

         Mid - Intel Core i7 CPU; 16GB RAM; 500G SSD

         High - Intel Core i9 CPU; 32GB RAM; 1TB NVMe; Dedicated GPU

     *Let us know if you need to add monitors with size and resolution requirements after placing your computer order


The Setup

     -Clean Windows 11 Pro Installation

      -Fully updated with OS, as well as BIOS, drivers, & firmware patches

      -Best practice system configuration and stress test

      -Managed security, compliance & support software

      -Onsite delivery and installation

      -Data migration from an existing PC if needed

      -User creation & desktop profile to your specifications

            *Additional charges may apply if you require multiple application installations or custom configurations


The Ongoing Security & Support

     -Managed Endpoint Threat Detection & Response (MDR/EDR/TDR)

     -On-demand remote support for issues with hardware Windows OS*

           -Onsite hardware replacement by next day if ever needed **

      -Alerts for changes in security policy baselines or local privilege escalations

      -Real-time vulnerability detection & mitigation

      -Central management with monthly reporting

      -Additional layer of ransomware protection


At the end of your subscription term, the hardware belongs to you and you'll be able to renew your managed service & support subscription at a discount or we can migrate to an upgraded device


*additional charges may apply for 3rd party application support

**depending on distance from an office location - otherwise we can ship a replacement overnight.

Managed Desktop PC as a Service

Price Options
12mo service
Hardware with setup & 12 mos threat response, support
$95.00every month for 12 months
36mo service
Hardware with setup & 36 mos threat response, support
$65.00every month for 36 months
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