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The prevailing IT cyber-security and data protection strategy among small businesses

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Oblivious businessman with head buried

Don’t get caught thinking you’re safe just because you’ve been lucky so far. Here are a few things you should know right now:

-Small businesses accounted for 58% of cyber-attack targets in 2017.

-A strong password is not enough to safeguard your data and accounts.

-Anti-virus and anti-malware software aren't enough to mitigate all threats.

-The most devastating cyber-attacks originate from inside your network.

-Your corporate Wifi is not necessarily secure just because it has a passphrase.

-You may not know for many months if your computer is compromised.

-Company mobile devices with corporate data need to be secured properly.

-You could be exposed to liability if not protecting financial/personal data.

-Cyber-threats to small and medium businesses are on the rise.

-Attacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated—harder to detect.

-You also need backups, synced to an offsite DR location to run workloads.

Find out more about how to secure your small business technology today.



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