Identity, Access & Password Management

Because there is no such thing as secure, user managed passwords

Identity, Access and Password Management with Just-in-Time, Least Privilege Administration

Leaving your users responsible for resetting their own passwords, and then allowing them to type it over and over throughout the day is a horribly insecure way to confirm user identity and provide access. If you enforce policies to make passwords truly random and secure, users can't remember them and keep getting locked out or have to write them down.


Beyond the risks, entering complex passwords throughout the day consumes valuable time and interrupts your team's workflow and thought processes.


Our recommended service uses software and dual-factor biometric identity to securely automate the management and presentation of account passwords so your users don't have to. 

Beyond even all of that, many organizations still make it a habit of giving their team's user accounts local admin access on the workstations they use because they need their users to occasionally update or install software. The problems is that then they are working throughout the day as an admin which goes against generally accepted best practices that exist for a number of good reasons.

Enter the next layer of this comprehensive solution - that of just-in-time, least privilege administrative access. It works by first removing admin access of standard user accounts, and then allowing users to request temporary elevation to complete occasional tasks as needed.  Of course, each of these events are recorded and logged for posterity and compliance requirements. 

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