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Managed Network & Computer Security

Automated security solutions; the perfect addition to either your IT staff, or our own Secure Technical Support

Protecting your business' productivity, reputation, and technology investments today means deploying layers of intelligent, automated security solutions, combined with best practice configurations, real-time monitoring, and experienced technical support.

How it works


First, we identify the cyber-related threats that are most likely to affect your unique business


Next, we blanket your network(s) and devices in layers of protection to mitigate the risks of potential loss

Detect and Respond

Then, certified security experts monitor each layer in real time and stand ready to remediate threats 24/7

Assured Protection Achieved

Your data and networks will be safe from breach or infection - guaranteed!  That means that in the unlikely event that some hacker manages to get past our defenses, any required clean up and restoration work will be on us. Who else does that? No one we know.

Serious about Information System Security and Network Administration Best Practices

At Zen, we start with the generally agreed upon best practice standards and frameworks for small business cyber-security and systems administration like those provided by NIST, CIS, and ITIL.  We then partner with the world's leading providers of each recommended component and layer of defense. Finally, we train to be the best at integrating, configuring, optimizing, administering and supporting those technology solutions, and then offer our volume discounts and expertise to our clients.


As it is with our health, our computer and network systems enjoy increased performance, longevity, reduced rates of "infection" and lower overall costs through a program of proactive best practice monitoring and maintenance.

Not every component is required or appropriate for every business activity, so contact us so we can tailor a package specific to the needs of your team. Keep reading below to learn more about the details of each component and service in our defense-in-depth IT administration and maintenance strategy that we offer for as little as $20 per user & computer per month, or...


  • Understand failback process and time

  • Over-Communicate to all stakeholders-recovery team, clients, employees, vendors

  • Consider reporting attacks and breaches to the FBI (IC3)


  • Identify sensitive data in transit and at rest

  • Know who has access and why

  • Record access and transmission of data

  • Control and log privileged account access


  • Remote Monitoring and Mgmt (RMM) software on all systems

  • Secure quick access to a team experts in advance

  • Define your disaster recovery and communication plan

  • Test backups and alert systems regularly

  • Continual improvements



  • Restrict access on needs basis

  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest

  • Back and disaster recovery site +plan

  • Patching and confirmation

  • Enterprise antivirus on every system

  • A modern firewall on every network

  • Email and web protection 

  • Train users on essential cyber-security best practices

  • Ensure secure account and password management policies are in place

  • Add cyber-security insurance

  • Monitor your firewall, systems and AV status

  • Real-time security information event log capture and AI backed analysis (SIEM/SOC)

  • Scan for vulnerabilities and unknown devices

  • Audit network systems for best practice configurations

From essential to advanced layers of protection

Safeguard your team's user accounts, Windows 10 and Mac workstations - as well as your Windows and Linux server operating systems by blanketing them in layers of enterprise-grade anti-malware and data protection services.

Essential Endpoint Security & Management for Servers, Workstations, &/or Mobile Devices

Starting as low as $5/mo each


Managed Enterprise Anti-Malware Protection - Learn More

One of the most awarded antivirus services for business - expertly configured, managed, supported & monitored 24/7. Multi-Vector system defense with DNS filtering; all backed by local cyber-security pros.


Alerts and Intelligent Automations - Learn More

24/7 notifications of consequential system events and configuration issues, predictive failure analysis, as well as triggers for self-healing scripts to automatically handle known issues in the background. 


Patch Management and Maintenance - Learn More

Managed updates including auditing & reporting of missing or failed patches, plus proactive system maintenance. Includes automatic 3rd party updates for common web browsers, Java, and more.


Asset Tracking, Ticketing and Change Management - Learn More

Automatically keep a running inventory of your technology assets and network documentation. Also, maintain a record of support utilization and log issues and changes to your systems over time.


Auditing and Reporting - Learn More

Regularly scheduled reports so you can confirm that your networks and systems continue to align with best practices; web portal access so you can also view system status/history, run reports and more.

Secure Network Infrastructure as a Service

Firewalls, Switches, and WiFi Access Points with Hardware (optionally), Professional Setup, Configuration, Monitoring, Support, Patch Management and Backups - all included


Network or Cloud Managed Firewall as a Service

Use your own firewall or let us spec and provide one of our recommendations to maximize ease of administration. Professional monitoring, support, updates, and backups included.


Network Switch Management as a Service

Problems in network switching infrastructure can cause major performance and security issues if either the switch's management services or the technician's experience is lacking. 


Wireless (WiFi) Network as a Service

As with layer 2 switching, an office or campus WiFi network can be the source of great frustration and cyber-security vulnerabilities if not managed well. 

Security add-ons for Laptops and Mobile Devices

Remote users present unique security challenges -  add privacy, encryption and anti-theft services


Cloud VPN: Work Securely over Remote Networks on Every Device - Learn More

Anonymous, private, encrypted internet access from anywhere. When working over remote networks, having a VPN to your office is great, but rarely do they protect your internet traffic or cloud logins.


Mobile Device Protection with Anti-Theft - Learn More

Anonymous, private, encrypted internet access from anywhere. When working over remote networks, having a VPN to your office is great, but rarely do they protect your internet traffic or cloud logins.


Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity & Password Mgmt - Learn More

Anonymous, private, encrypted internet access from anywhere. When working over remote networks, having a VPN to your office is great, but rarely do they protect your internet traffic or cloud logins.

Real-Time Threat Management

Email and Security Event Log Capture, Analysis and Preservation for Compliance Requirements

Automate some of the most difficult challenges in meeting compliance requirements. We partner with and manage leading commercial Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems and Security Operations Centers (SOC).


Coverage for enterprise firewalls, plus Windows Server and Linux security event logs and privileged access logs for as low as $150/mo each - Learn More


Real time event log monitoring and backups for Windows and Mac workstation and laptop endpoints for as little as $5/mo each - Learn More


Our newest addition in response to the recent rise in attacks on Office 365 accounts; we monitor 24/7 for as little as $4/mo per licensed user - Learn More


Advanced Email Protection: Anti-Spam/phishing/malware filtering with IP/domain & URL defense, encryption, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), archiving, & cloud continuity. Learn More


User Security Awareness Training - web-based modules, quizzes, plus phishing/scam email templates with reporting to confirm efficacy. Learn More

Do I Really Need to be Worried about Cyber-Threats to my Business?

Your biggest risks are those you don't know about. Don't wait to get your network security assessment

Want to know more about business security?

The greatest costs of a malware attack are not those incurred to clean up and restore the affected data and devices. Rather they show up as a result of:

1.) Direct theft - such as when an attacker is able to capture credentials used for online banking and perform wire transfers out of your accounts.


2.) The loss of current and future business due to impact on reputation that can occur when attackers spread an infection by spamming your company contact lists from your hijacked email account.

3.) Missed deadlines and loss of productivity due to related downtime.

Get the 2018 Ponemon Study from IBM here

The worst part is that today's advanced malware suites can do all of the above if a single vulnerability allows them in to your network; and attackers don't even need to be skilled hackers to download and deploy them.

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