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Managed IT Security - Built for Business

Manage Cyber-Security & Compliance for Business IT Infrastructure

  • Fully Managed IT Security & Support:

    • Advanced Anti-Malware for computers & servers

    • Advanced email security

    • Network firewalls, switches, Wifi

    • Vulnerability detection & mitigation

    • Backup and disaster recovery

    • Website & application hosting

    • Supported by Colorado IT experts

  • 1) Computer & Server Essentials: Business AV, +Patching, +Monitoring, +Support"
    Endpoint protection for servers and workstations: -Centrally managed, business-grade anti-malware service for Windows workstations and servers. -RMM tools providing critical system updates with reporting and verification. -Also included, your new team of IT security experts to help deploy per best practice standards, then monitor for threats, and be there with you to respond and recover if it should ever be needed. -Pricing varies by number of endpoints and other bundled services. Let's talk so we can get started on a custom quote for your organization.
  • 2) Network Security; Firewalls, WiFi, Cloud"
    Appropriate, best-in-class security services for business networks and cloud accounts combined with your own team of IT security professionals: -Firewalls, switches, WiFi, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, IoT. -Cloud and web application firewalls (WAF) to add security to your online resources. Our US-Based IT security team is yours for analysis and recommendations, then configuration and installation, as well as ongoing threat monitoring, mitigation, response and recovery. *Appropriate sizing and alignment with your business goals is best achieved through a quick consultation with one of our security engineers. Schedule a convenient time to talk here.
  • 3) Business Email Security & Domain Reputation Mgmt
    Advanced, AI-based Email filtering to protect your team from threats posed by unwanted spam, scams, phishing/speaphishing and malware - including ransomware. Plus, email domain reputation/deliverability monitoring and management. We provide guidance and support to mitigate issues with your public DNS records that can help keep your organization from being spoofed by bad actors and greatly reduces the odds that messages from your team will wind up in the junk or spam folders of their intended recipients. ​ *Fully supported by our team - that becomes your team for all things messaging related. . Schedule time to talk.
  • 4) Backup and Offisite Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)
    Secure business backups for Servers and/or Workstations: -File & Folder level data backups or -Entire disk-at-once image-based backups -onsite storage of backup data and/or sync offsite to... -cloud backup storage and/or... -to our own local private datacenter -Never a charge to download your data from the cloud. -Backups for Office 365 or G Suite cloud accounts and storage. -Monitored and supported by your included team of US-Based experts. Pricing varies by backup type, and storage utilization. Let's talk about your needs.
  • Tech Support - responsive, experienced, local, and included with every plan
    Our technical services team is accessible by all of our client plan members. Our Colorado-Based IT experts have vast experience securing and supporting common business technologies and are quick to respond to our client's needs. Our help desk commonly assists client users with every-day computer issues, and our tier 2 escalation engineers have seen it all so having access to them when the digital stuff hits the fan is a must for companies that need to avoid downtime. Lastly, our project engineers specialize in IT infrastructure upgrades and migrations so you can start with a secure, resilient, value-optimized platform.

Protecting your organization these days means deploying multiple layers of best-in-class security services and combining them with a team of experienced IT experts to configure, monitor and manage them per best practice standards, as well as - crucially - to assist with cleanup, restore and recovery if a threat should ever slip through and cause harm. 

The costs of unmitigated cyber-attack:

Emerging threats require new layers of network protection

  • 83% of sysadmins agree it has become more difficult to stop today's threats (Sophoslabs)

  • It's taking an avg of 206 days to detect & 55 more contain a security breach (Ponemon)​

  • Malware is becoming more complex and able to avoid traditional detection methods.

  • Computer viruses today use polymorphic or file-less agents and multi-vector approaches.

Serious about Compliant Information System Security and Network Administration Best Practices


At Zen, we start with the generally agreed upon best practice standards and frameworks for small business cyber-security and systems administration like those provided by NIST, CIS, and ITIL.  We then partner with the world's leading providers of each recommended component and layer of defense. Finally, we train to be the best at integrating, configuring, optimizing, administering and supporting those technology solutions, and then offer our volume discounts and expertise to our clients.


As it is with our health, our computer and network systems enjoy increased performance, longevity, reduced rates of "infection" and lower overall costs through a program of proactive best practice monitoring and maintenance.

Not every component is required or appropriate for every business activity, so contact us so we can tailor a package specific to the needs of your team. Keep reading below to learn more about the details of each component and service in our defense-in-depth IT administration and maintenance strategy.


  • Understand failback process and time

  • Over-Communicate to all stakeholders-recovery team, clients, employees, vendors

  • Consider reporting attacks and breaches to the FBI (IC3)


  • Identify sensitive data in transit and at rest

  • Know who has access and why

  • Record access and transmission of data

  • Control and log privileged account access


  • Remote Monitoring and Mgmt (RMM) software on all systems

  • Secure quick access to a team experts in advance

  • Define your disaster recovery and communication plan

  • Test backups and alert systems regularly

  • Continual improvements




  • Restrict access on needs basis

  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest

  • Back and disaster recovery site +plan

  • Patching and confirmation

  • Enterprise antivirus on every system

  • A modern firewall on every network

  • Email and web protection 

  • Train users on essential cyber-security best practices

  • Ensure secure account and password management policies are in place

  • Add cyber-security insurance

  • Monitor your firewall, systems and AV status

  • Real-time security information event log capture and AI backed analysis (SIEM/SOC)

  • Scan for vulnerabilities and unknown devices

  • Audit network systems for best practice configurations


Risk Assessment Templates for Cyber-Security Compliance Auditing

IT Security Information for US-Businesses

Hiscox SMB Risk Report:

Advanced Threats:

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