Managed IT Cyber Security and Computer Support Solutions for Colorado Small Business Networks

Advances in Machine Learning/AI and Automation Deliver More Network Security and Data Assurance BANG for your BUCK!

Even as security related threats are becoming more advanced and some users want to be able to work from anywhere, Colorado companies of all sizes can now tap into all the power and value of the most advanced anti-malware and network breach prevention and recovery services available anywhere in the world, all brought together and managed by security professionals right here in Denver.


Even better, by tapping into the latest innovations in network security and IT systems security management, you no longer need to pay through the nose for secure, compliant technology solutions to protect and support your critical computers, data, networks, servers and user accounts (and thereby, reputation) in real-time, 24/7.

The Many Layers of Cyber Protection for Small Businesses Today

Today's cyber attacks take a multi-vector approach and can adapt to evade detection in real time. To protect themselves, companies today need to take a layered, always-on approach to network monitoring and data assurance. 

You'll find that the layers of solutions we provide can help meet compliance requirements, as well as the needs identified in the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity PDF, and their Small Business Information Security Fundamentals PDF.


Learn more on their website here, NIST: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover 

Cyber Security and IT Support Tools for 2019; Expertly Configured

The battle over your company's data and accounts has already begun. Sadly, many businesses have fallen behind in the "arms race" and are lacking the network and computer support tools and expertise required to stay safe in the rapidly evolving threat landscape we find ourselves in today.


To protect your business from risk of cyber-related losses, we partner with the world's leading providers of anti-malware/anti-virus (AV), remote monitoring and maintenance (RMM), mobile device protection, advanced email filtering, network and cloud firewalls, and much more, so that our clients can have access to an arsenal of professionally managed IT security and computer maintenance solutions - expertly configured to protect and maintain best practices across your computer information systems and networks.

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Small Business Technical Support: Experienced, Certified, 24/7

Having access to teams of experienced and certified tech support specialists can save up to 50% on total information technology costs (Gartner) through their capacity to respond and resolve incidents and requests more quickly - and with less risk of unintended consequences.


Our technical service desk, cyber-security specialists and IT consultants are the best in the business and are available on a flexible basis so you can either have our friendly IT pros handle all of your computer, network and application support needs, or just on occasion as needed by your internal IT team.

You'll find that we practice what we preach when it comers to our own internal network security and vendor management and we highly encourage all prospective clients to get commitments from any potential vendors to agree to at least some essential security controls and best practices on their internal systems and accounts they use to access your network(s).


Backup plus Onsite and Offsite/Cloud Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

Provide up-time assurance while meeting compliance by preserving the history of your critical servers, applications, emails, data and event logs. We fully manage and support our favorite backup service which verifies, encrypts and synchronizes backup images to east and west coast U.S. datacenters to securely preserve them indefinitely.


Even better, we can run any of those server backup disk images onsite or offsite and make them available to your team within minutes!

Perfect for maintaining business continuity whether your critical servers and data are on-premise, in cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.), or both.


IT Infrastructure Project Management and Consulting

Tap into the value of our most experienced engineers for analysis, consulting and project management for your firewall or Microsoft Windows Server, on-premise and cloud network infrastructure deployments, office moves, upgrades, and migrations.


Our team can provide security assessments and help identify the right mix of cloud and on-premise solutions that will maximize value for the needs of your business.

One of the greatest benefits, our highly experienced project consultants and systems engineers hold multiple cyber-security specific certifications as well as being certified in the technologies they work with


Our Favorite Technologies and Brands that We Resell and/or Support

*A non-exhaustive List - Contact us to discuss your current technology mix and needs

Partnering with the Nation's Leading IT Solution Providers to Deliver Maximum Value to Colorado Businesses

When it comes to delivering value-driven solutions to meet the rapidly evolving demands of IT administration and network cyber-security, some providers naturally rise to the top under close scrutiny. These solutions are not always accessible or economical for small businesses.


At Zen, we partner with our nation's best-in-class hardware and software providers and then pool our resources so you can take advantage of our collective purchasing power, giving you access to both our expertise and our favorite solutions at volume discounts. The best part, handle all of the required configuration and ongoing support with experienced Colorado-based technicians and consultants that can drive onsite if/when needed. 


More on the state of small business cyber-security, please?

The greatest costs of a malware attack are not those incurred to clean up and restore the affected data and devices. Rather they show up as a result of:

1.) Direct theft - such as when an attacker is able to capture credentials used for online banking and perform wire transfers out of your accounts.


2.) The loss of current and future business due to impact on reputation that can occur when attackers spread an infection by spamming your company contact lists from your hijacked email account.

3.) Missed deadlines and loss of productivity due to related downtime.

Get the 2018 Ponemon Study from IBM here

The worst part is that today's advanced malware suites can do all of the above if a single vulnerability allows them in to your network; and attackers don't even need to be skilled hackers to download and deploy them.

Vz 2018 Breach

Report Summary:

Vz Compliance Report PCI 2018:


Why Zen Technology Solutions?

At Zen, we have a passion for protecting Colorado small business networks, so causes of waste and risk in IT security and administration are constantly being identified and eliminated. As such, you may notice that we do things a little differently:

  • We recommend only right-sized technology solutions, neither over-priced nor under-powered.

  • Our products, services and internal processes are secure and compliant from end-to-end.

  • We give you access to certified technical experts when needed, but avoid making you pay for them to sit around or invent work when you don't.

  • We provide expertly configured and supported tools and automations for efficient, proactive computer and network maintenance to minimize the risk of incidents, and then provide fast response and remediation for those that occur anyway.

  • We back our managed cyber-security protection services with a guarantee that you won't find elsewhere; if an attacker somehow manages to get through the defenses we deploy on your network, you don't pay extra for the cost of any required cleanup and/or data restoration/recovery services; why don't all service providers do this? We don't know.

Professional Certifications Held by our Staff:

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