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Standard performance CAD/Graphics/Rendering business PC workstation/workhorse(!) with expert setup/installation & premium warranty options, plus lifetime access to our business IT helpdesk (See discounts for bulk computer orders of 5+ at checkout)


Dell Precision Workstation 5820 Tower, Intel Xeon Silver 4114 10-Core 2.2GHz, 192GB RAM, 1TB SSD + 3TB HDD, Nvidia Quadro P2000 5GB, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit | 30 day hardware warranty with full device replacement for any hardware failure *with 3 year premium warranty option for hardware, system drivers and operating system file health (see below)


Add Professional Setup with installation support

  • Clean Windows 11 Pro Installation (free of adware, spyware, and bloatware)
    • Request clean Windows 10 Pro installation instead if preferred
  • All OS updates applied and known vulnerabilities patched - including drivers & firmware
  • Passed operating system health scan, onboard diagnostic, and stress test
  • Initial admin user profile set up with data migration support from an existing PC as needed
  • Permanent on-demand access to additional billable support from our IT help desk for assistance with everday IT issues not covered by warranty: custom configurations or installing or troubleshooting 3rd party applications, connecting to networks/printers, etc.


Add a 3 Year Premium Warranty Coverage

  • Complete device replacement for any hardware failures
    • Including support for disk swap or data backup & restore with any required replacement
  • Free support for issues with system drivers & firmware included



After adding this PC to your cart, consider the following value added Managed IT Services:


Compliant systems administration and priority support:

  • Remote management (RMM) software for proactive system health & efficient support
    • Fully-Managed by our team or co-managed with add-on technician licenses
  • Proactive health checks and self-healing for corrupt Windows system files
    • Free support to perform manual OS file repairs if ever needed
  • Real-Time alerts for privilege escalations, and critical system events
  • Layer of advanced ransomware detection & response included
  • Full deployment and ongoing support for provided software
  • Operating system update management w 3rd party web browser vulnerability patching
  • Automatic monthly asset health & compliance reporting sent to your inbox
  • Managed Enterprise Security w Advanced Threat Detection & Response provided by our IT security team at Zen combined with BitDefender GravityZone(R) anti-malware with endpoint detection & response - EDR, customizable content filtering, vulnerability scanning and system security risk assessments.


Remote Desktop/RDP over https

  • Access your computer from anywhere; using any remote device
  • Use all available monitors.
  • Compliant security controls
  • End-to-End Military Encryption


Cloud backups of entire system disk (1.5TB max):

  • Historical snapshot retention

    Restore and run your backup images as a cloud virtual desktop

  • Searchable backup data
  • Meets most compliance standards and helps you meet compliance standards


**Warranty does not cover theft, acts of vandalism, or accident damage

Dell Precision Workstation 7820 Xeon Silver CPU 192GB RAM Quadro P2000 5GB

$1,090.00 Regular Price
$890.00Sale Price
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