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Management (MDM) Security & IT Support for Mobile Devices


Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM/EDM) with Threat Detection & Response (MDR/TDR/EDR), and our Denver-based team of experts to handle the configuration, deployment & tech support for company owned or BYOD smartphones, tablets & Chromebooks: Android, iPhone/iOS, Chrome OS

What's Included?

Advanced Threat Detection & Response - TDR

Protect your valuable business data with advanced Antimalware solution. Our device security for BYOD initiatives allows centralized security policy management and pre-defined actions on non-compliant devices, keeping your business secure and protected from potential threats.

Real-Time Auditing, Self-Healing, Automations, & Predictive Failure

Proactive system health monitoring and administration, real-time auditing of security settings, and software health will ensure the stability of your organization. Plus, our patch management and critical event alerts improve security and protect devices both in the office and remotely.

​​Central Management &
Compliance Reporting

Monthly reporting to confirm that compliance standards are being met. Demonstrate that all network endpoints are protected with functional, business-grade anti-malware software as well as appropriate baseline security policies. Confirm that your devices are protected and maintain an up-to-date asset list without any hassle.

Access to IT Support, On-Demand from our Colorado Team

Our in-house IT administration experts configure, deploy, monitor, and support your security services. We will be there to quickly respond to alerts, outages or threat detections, as well as to assist with mitigation and/or recovery as needed.

Remote Protection & Support

Keep your systems secure no matter where your team goes with our remote protection and on-site support services. Our all-in-one solution includes auditing tools, timely response support, and automated vulnerability patching to give you peace of mind. Maintain central management, configuration baselines, and asset reporting with ease.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Add-Ons

Get secure and affordable backup and incident response solutions with our fully-managed and monitored Colorado IT team. Our backup engine ensures historical copies of your system are retained with military-grade encryption and verified data integrity. With threat detection and central management for compliance, choose our cloud or local storage options starting from just $10 per TB.

*Rates as low as $2 per endpoint

What do our clients have to say?

They are experienced in everything from Servers to Software, Cyber Security down to the basics of computers. They are very responsive and great to work with!

Carla, JHL Constructors

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