Advanced Cyber-Security for Computers & Devices

Built for Business - by US-Based, IT Security Experts 

  • Best-In-Class IT Security for Windows, OSx, iOS, and Android devices, along with their user accounts and data.

  • Securely configured, monitored and fully supported by our team of certified cyber-security experts.

  • Designed to protect US businesses from phishing, ransomware, account hijacking, cyber-theft, and much more.

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Cyber-Security Services; Professionally Managed but In Your Control, Under One Dashboard


-Advanced IT Security for Endpoints; Workstations and Servers

Because you need more than just anti-malware protection, we start by partnering with the nation's leading providers of business antivirus services, then our team of security experts unlocks their full potential by adding expert configuration, monitoring, and full support with threat response. Even better, we also include system patch management to ensure timely application of critical security updates. 99+ Windows endpoints = $10/mo each. 50-99 = $15/mo each 10-49 = $20/mo each 5-10 = $25/mo each Add $10/mo for each protected Server operating system. Add $5/mo for each MacOSx device. (for mobile devices, see MDM security below).

-Mobile Device Security (MDM); Android and Apple iPhone/iOS Devices

-Secure App Provisioning and Updates -Storage Encryption -GPS Location -Remote Lock -Remote Wipe -Network/Wifi and VPN configuration capabilities <10 devices=$15/mo each; 10-49 devices = $10.00/mo each; 50-99 = $7.50/mo ea, and 100 or more is just $5/mo per device. Let's talk about your needs.

-Web Content Filtering for Windows; DNS Agent Add-On Option

Software-Based Web Content Filtering to provide an additional layer of protection from phishing and malware, as well as eliminate access to certain non-work-related categories of web sites. *$5/mo per computer. Requires Endpoint Security from Above Highly recommended for remote computers or those that connect to networks that are not behind a trusted firewall. Learn more or schedule a time to talk. *for stationery workstations, see Network/Site-Based DNS protection.

Add-on #3:  SIEM (System Information & Event Management)

A technical requirement of many compliance standards, our SIEM service tracks and intelligently analyzes system event logs to identify potential threats in real-time. Logs are saved securely and can be preserved as long as required. Can be applied to network devices, servers, computers, and some cloud accounts like Office 365.

-Cloud VPN Add-On Option

Secure cloud VPN service which will encrypt and privatize your Internet traffic. Highly recommended for remote computers or those that connect to networks that are not behind a trusted firewall. $5/mo per device. Requires Advanced Endpoint Security from above.


-Advanced Email Protection for Microsoft 365 or Google Gmail

You already know that your organization's mailboxes are under assault every day. We recommend adding a layer of advanced email screening to help protect against unwanted spam, scams, phishing and malware. Schedule time to talk or l earn more.

Add-on #2:  Data Loss/Leak Prevention (DLP)

An advanced layer of protection required by some compliance standards and business requirements, DLP can be applied to email accounts, file servers, or on certain work computers as needed to ensure sensitive data is not saved or trasmitted in a way that goes against your policy or requirements. Get the conversation started here.

Microsoft 365

Comprehensive IT Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft is now offering many of their 365 Enterprise features to small businesses (organizations with less than 300 users) at a steep discount through their Microsoft 365 Premium licenses. Effectively, this means that you may not need to add a 3rd party anti-malware service, or mobile device management (MDM), or advanced email filtering, because these licenses can cover those layers of security for you, plus a while lot more. The problems is that, for best results, you need an expert - or better, a team them! - to set it all up and be ready to respond to issues. To allow businesses to take full advantage of the available security that is built-in to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, we offer a comprehensive package that includes the license, plus our team of experts to configure and manage the security related features, and then we also add a secure cloud backup of your whole environment


Add-on #1:  Backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Secure and compliant backups for: -Workstations (PC continuity allows the backup to run and operate in a private cloud for interrupted productivity). -Servers; whether on-premise or in-cloud, the reasons to backup your servers are myriad. Use local storage and virtualization, or cloud storage with offsite disaster recovery, or both. -Office 365 or G Suite; 4 daily snapshots of email and storage. Unlimited storage and infinite retention period of backup history. -Email. If you don't capture all data with 365 or G Suite backups above, we can at least provide email archiving so important messages cannot be totally deleted by users - by accident or otherwise. Let's talk about your needs and we'll put together a custom quote, or check out this page to learn more.


  • Malware attacks are becoming more advanced, using multiple vectors and automation.

  • Free and legacy anti-malware solutions are unable to reliably detect or remediate the latest computer viruses.

  • Major losses from theft of account credentials and sensitive data are on the rise as a result.

  • To truly minimize the risk of a cyber-attack, companies need multi-vector network endpoint defenses, as well as real-time monitoring by cyber-security experts, 24/7

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