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Protecting your business these days means deploying multiple layers of best-in-class security services and combining them with top-tier IT experts to properly configure, monitor and manage them, as well as to assist with cleanup, restore and recovery if anything should slip through. Luckily, your company can have flexible access to both our proven technologies and our highly skilled engineers, right now!

Essential to advanced layers of protection for as little as $5/mo per user/device *

1: Endpoint Security with Patch Management

Let's face it, more than half of practical IT security is about keeping all of your network connected systems fully up-to-date, properly configured, and protected by a reputable anti-malware service. Unfortunately, confirming all of that - especially on remote systems - can be tedious to say the least. We help solve this problem by combining enterprise endpoint threat protection with our favorite RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) to deliver a comprehensive endpoint security solution with predictive failure alerts and 3rd party software patching built-in. Includes a shared management dashboard with end-to-end encryption, granular access controls, and comprehensive reporting features to meet compliance and business requirements. ​Our team of experts can configured, deploy, and support this combined service for as little as $8/mo per endpoint. Get us started on a custom quote for your organization or learn more about enterprise anti-virus and/or Remote Monitoring & Management.

3:  Advanced Email Protection

You already know that your organization's mailboxes are under assault every day. We recommend adding a layer of advanced email screening to help protect against unwanted spam, scams, phishing and malware. We offer simple but powerful message filtering service for Microsoft 365 for as little as $3/mo per mailbox, as well as a more fully featured 'pro' version (with encryption, data loss prevention and archiving) as low as $6/mo. Schedule time to talk or l earn more.

2:  Network Security & Management

Firewalls/routers, switches, clouds, and Wifi access points; monitored, updated, and backed up starting at $5 each. We're vendor agnostic and can manage your existing network infrastructure. Or, we can provide our favorite devices - chosen for their efficiency, reliability and powerful analytics. Let's talk about your needs.

4:  Secure Technical Service Desk

Our expert technical resources are available on a flexible basis to proactively identify IT risk and performance issues for our clients, as well as to quickly solve technology problems when they arise. Certified, experienced, US based techs; as low as $10 for 15 minutes increment. End-to-End encryption on all support sessions. Includes a shared ticketing portal for compliant incident tracking, as well as a knowledge base for process documentation. Use as a front-line help desk for your team, or as extra capacity and escalation point for when things get busy, or to perform regular security assessments - or any combination that meets your business need. Learn more or schedule a time to talk.

Add-on #2:  Data Loss/Leak Prevention (DLP)

An advanced layer of protection required by some compliance standards and business requirements, DLP can be applied to email accounts, file servers, or on certain work computers as needed to ensure sensitive data is not saved or trasmitted in a way that goes against your policy or requirements. Get the conversation started here.

Any or all of the above - combined into one convenient, low-cost bundle

Many of the services above become more efficient and effective when combined so each added service applies a discount to every other. Schedule time to get started now.

Add-on #1:  Backup and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Secure and compliant backups for: -Workstations (PC continuity allows the backup to run and operate in a private cloud for interrupted productivity). -Servers; whether on-premise or in-cloud, the reasons to backup your servers are myriad. Use local storage and virtualization, or cloud storage with offsite disaster recovery, or both. -Office 365 or G Suite; 4 daily snapshots of email and storage. Unlimited storage and infinite retention period of backup history. -Email. If you don't capture all data with 365 or G Suite backups above, we can at least provide email archiving so important messages cannot be totally deleted by users - by accident or otherwise. Let's talk about your needs and we'll put together a custom quote, or check out this page to learn more.

Add-on #3:  SIEM (System Information & Event Management)

A technical requirement of many compliance standards, our SIEM service tracks and intelligently analyzes system event logs to identify potential threats in real-time. Logs are saved securely and can be preserved as long as required. Can be applied to network devices, servers, computers, and some cloud accounts like Office 365.

*Lowest cost per seat is achieved by maximizing discounts available through bundling multiple products, having a large quantity (200+), and opting for annual subscription terms. Contact us for an estimate to meet your business needs.

Serious about Compliant Information System Security and Network Administration Best Practices


At Zen, we start with the generally agreed upon best practice standards and frameworks for small business cyber-security and systems administration like those provided by NIST, CIS, and ITIL.  We then partner with the world's leading providers of each recommended component and layer of defense. Finally, we train to be the best at integrating, configuring, optimizing, administering and supporting those technology solutions, and then offer our volume discounts and expertise to our clients.


As it is with our health, our computer and network systems enjoy increased performance, longevity, reduced rates of "infection" and lower overall costs through a program of proactive best practice monitoring and maintenance.

Not every component is required or appropriate for every business activity, so contact us so we can tailor a package specific to the needs of your team. Keep reading below to learn more about the details of each component and service in our defense-in-depth IT administration and maintenance strategy.


  • Understand failback process and time

  • Over-Communicate to all stakeholders-recovery team, clients, employees, vendors

  • Consider reporting attacks and breaches to the FBI (IC3)


  • Identify sensitive data in transit and at rest

  • Know who has access and why

  • Record access and transmission of data

  • Control and log privileged account access


  • Remote Monitoring and Mgmt (RMM) software on all systems

  • Secure quick access to a team experts in advance

  • Define your disaster recovery and communication plan

  • Test backups and alert systems regularly

  • Continual improvements




  • Restrict access on needs basis

  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest

  • Back and disaster recovery site +plan

  • Patching and confirmation

  • Enterprise antivirus on every system

  • A modern firewall on every network

  • Email and web protection 

  • Train users on essential cyber-security best practices

  • Ensure secure account and password management policies are in place

  • Add cyber-security insurance

  • Monitor your firewall, systems and AV status

  • Real-time security information event log capture and AI backed analysis (SIEM/SOC)

  • Scan for vulnerabilities and unknown devices

  • Audit network systems for best practice configurations

Do I Really Need to be Worried about Cyber-Threats to my Business?

Your biggest risks are those you don't know about. Don't wait to get your network security assessment

‌Cyber-Security related threats are increasingly more complex and more costly to businesses everywhere.

We're specialists in protecting Colorado companies from the damage caused by the rising threat of advanced malware attacks.

The costs of unmitigated cyber-attack:

Emerging threats require new layers of network protection

  • 83% of sysadmins agree it has become more difficult to stop today's threats (Sophoslabs)

  • It's taking an avg of 206 days to detect & 55 more contain a security breach (Ponemon)​

  • Malware is becoming more complex and able to avoid traditional detection methods.

  • Computer viruses today use polymorphic or file-less agents and multi-vector approaches.

Want to know more about business security?

The greatest costs of a malware attack are not those incurred to clean up and restore the affected data and devices. Rather they show up as a result of:

1.) Direct theft - such as when an attacker is able to capture credentials used for online banking and perform wire transfers out of your accounts.


2.) The loss of current and future business due to impact on reputation that can occur when attackers spread an infection by spamming your company contact lists from your hijacked email account.

3.) Missed deadlines and loss of productivity due to related downtime.

Get the 2018 Ponemon Study from IBM here

The worst part is that today's advanced malware suites can do all of the above if a single vulnerability allows them in to your network; and attackers don't even need to be skilled hackers to download and deploy them.

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